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The eutectic point mixture of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum forms an alloy that exhibits excellent corrosion resistance by combining the sacrificial characteristics of zinc with the hard and less porous nature of aluminum oxides. The coating is formed in a fine lamella structure with a thin ductile alloy layer against the steel.

Coating life can be 2 to 4 times as long as pure zinc coatings of the same mass when subjected to similar corrosive environments. The ductile nature of the Galfan® coating lends itself well to formability and redrawing. Galfan coatings also withstand heat better than zinc and therefore can be welded into mesh without losing corrosion resistance at the weld and also permit higher operating temperatures for ACSR wire.


QED Wire Lines

Combining innovative design concepts with decades of practical experience, QED Wire Lines Inc. has developed a range of wireline equipment that is both technologically advanced and ruggedly dependable. Wire processing equipment is our strength, with galvanizing being at the top of the list. QED is the technology leader in modern high-speed galvanizing lines.

Our continuous furnace heat treatment furnaces include the dependable and environmentally friendly FastHeat™ Fluidbed for annealing, tempering, quenching or thermal diffusion. QED’s wire cleaning systems are led by our patented totally enclosed, multi-stage HighTurbulence® pickling wire system that provides very fast cleaning and extra efficient use of acid.



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