GTPOWER – Power Cable Line

Golden Technologies Wire & Cable Equipment Co., Ltd

  • Sheathing Line


Single-layer: Wire insulation, and sheathing the stranded wires

Co-extrusion: Simultaneously do the main layer and skin or stripping design; Main layer with skin and stripping design.

Golden’s POWER CABLE MAKING Extrusion machinery has a high output capacity of 700 kg/hr and can go upto 1800 kg/hr for 150 mm finished OD. We can do both Single of Double Later with 0.7mm – 1.2 mm of insulated thickness and Diameter over insulation fo 20 mm – 80 mm. Despite these high output speeds we can achieve a line speed of 300 m/min. These are primarily for Low Voltage Cables.

Tandem extrusion: Two extrusion groups, one for filling, the other for jacketing and stripping simultaneously


Golden Technologies Wire & Cable Equipment Co., Ltd

GOLDEN TECHNOLOGIES established in 2004 is a professional cable wire equipment manufacturer in China. The mission of Golden Technologies is to become the leading wire equipment manufacturer in the world.

During the last 15 years of development history GOLDEN has kept pursuing the improvement of technology and product quality. We believe only strong and stable quality can make our company stronger and stronger day by day. Our machines are exported to over 60 different countries like Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and more.



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