SI3100 – Surface Defect Detection

TAYMER International, Inc.

  • Cable Inspection


The Surface Inspector (SI3100) is the only tool that can capture, analyze, and judge every square millimeter of your product-cable jacket, pipe, tube, bar stock or water soluble tape. It is the most thorough method of detecting surface flaws available. With Taymer’s Surface Inspector, you can be sure the product going to your customers meets your high standards and is without surface defects..


TAYMER International, Inc.

As a world leading manufacturer of equipment for the wire, cable, pipe and tube industry, we’ve built a extensive range of solutions designed to provide value and reduce cost to customers on the production line.

With more than 50 years’ experience producing machines for the global wire and cable industry Taymer International has developed leading edge equipment including optical quality inspection systems, highly accurate length measurement machines, and various cable printers designed to meet specific needs.



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