Wire Drawing Oil Filtration System

Oilmax Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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We are the leading and prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Wire Drawing Centrifugal Cleaning System to our clients.

Fully Automatic – Sludge Accumulated in the Rotor is cleaned by
PLC controlled gear operated scraper .

The Lubricant to be cleaned is subjected to Centrifugal Force 2000 times gravity in a rotor, driven by Electric Motor. This separates the particles from oil, depositing them on inner wall of rotor as dense cake. Clean oil returns back to the oil tank.

With clean oil, wear of tools and dies is reduced and job finish is improved. The oil need not to be replaced frequently, thereby saving substantially on oil expenses and protecting Environment.


Oilmax Systems Pvt. Ltd.

OILMAX an ISO & CE Certified company, is leading manufacturer and Exporter of Oil & Coolant conservation systems , for Industrial ,Marine & Mining applications .
Oilmax will help you to “Use your OILMAXimum”, thereby helping you to save on Oil Expenses and protecting environment.

Our products are completely consumables free. There is No Filter Element and hence No Recurring Cost. It works on principle of Centrifugal Separation which is the most effective method for removing large quantity of sludge from oil down to 1 micron level.

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